Monday, October 24, 2005


Q.1 What happen between Chandler and Ross about the e-mail account?
A.1 Chandler send a e-mail on Ross account and Ross send a e-mail on Chandler account.

Q.2 What Chandler write on the Ross's e-mail?
A.2 He declare Ross death.

Q.3 What Ross did when he saw the Chandler's message who he declared Ross death?
A.3 He was waiting about a call who somebody was crying for him.

Q.4 Did Phoebe and Mike came back together?
A.4 Yes they were coming backtogeter.

Q.5 What Monica did when she saw Mike rang at the door?
A.5 She asks Phoebe to stay alone.


Yesterday, Phoebie met a new gentleman and short time later; she fell in love with him. He was exactly what she was looking for. Their opinions about the future were almost the same. They agreed on all points so they decided to move together. Day by day, the relation was growing until they spoke about marriage. To close the subject, she had asserted that honeymoon was not in her plan either. But in truth, she was dreaming about marriage. She was confusing. She going to speak with Joey to know is opinion, but he was more mingle then went she came. Then, the lovers found an apartment and friends came to help. During the move, Phoebe was changing about her relationship with Mike. She don’t want to leave with a man who doesn’t want to be marries. Theirs friends was very discouraging, because they were obligating to move back all the furniture.



In this episode, Phoebe and Ross try to convince Rachel and Chadler to return together. So, they elaborate a small shot to be sure that it will work. Ross organize a false meeting in a restaurant for Chandler and Phoebe, from her part, organize a false meeting for Rachel in a restaurant with a very depressive, old ,big and cheap boy. The objective is to disappoint them. Chandler goes to the restaurant chosen by his friends and wait patiently. After one or two hours, he feel ridiculous, the waiters made a bet on how many time Chandler will wait for her. Rachel, from her part, stay a long time to listen this old Ray crying and pushing and depressing on his life. They leave the restaurant and then, meet both to the Central Peck. They are irritate by their respective meetings. Rachel and Chandler realize finally that is a plot. And they know who are the authors...